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Here's the latest prompt from Triad Coalition for Life.

The weeks are more challenging than ever for the abortion issue in our nation… and on the local sidewalk. As the violence and threats from pro-abortion forces grow, so too do the faithful prayers of the people rise to greater levels.

While we are tempted to be angry with what we see, our best response according to scripture, is to surrender.

We surrender to our God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, through and by the Holy Spirit. We surrender to the power and will and wisdom of the One who created us and who has created the precious lives of the babies and the mothers and fathers. We surrender to the law of love. We resist the pride that rises up as we face virulent opposition.

In fact, God treats us with even greater kindness, just as the Scriptures say, “God opposes everyone who is proud, but he blesses all who are humble with undeserved grace. Surrender to God! Resist the devil, and he will run from you. Come near to God, and he will come near to you.” (James 4:6-8)

Join us in fervent and effective prayer for the babies, the mothers and the fathers and all those mislead by the abortion industry.


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