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Abortion Pill

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There is a possibility to save your child by the APR protocol.

This legislation requires that a mother after receiving the first of two abortion pills to kill her unborn child is furnished information that will let her know of the possibility of reversing the process so her baby can live. The information provided to her by the state will give her a number to call so she talk with knowledgeable professionals about her options. This information will also be posted on the state Woman’s Right to Know web site and in the state produced Woman’s Right to Know booklet as mandated by the Woman’s Right to Know law passed in 2011. 
Here is the information she will receive as mandated by this bill if it becomes law:

“This information about your drug-induced abortion is provided by the State of North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. It may be possible to discontinue a drug-induced abortion by not taking the second drug (Misopristol)and to reverse the process by administration of progesterone. It is recommended that you contact a knowledgeable health care provider regarding the abortion pill reversal process or call the Abortion Pill Reversal Hotline at 877-558-0333 as soon as possible.” 

There have been over 3,000 mothers whose babies have been saved by the abortion pill reversal protocol. If this legislation passes, there will be many more babies saved from chemical abortions in our state.


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