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SCOTUS Overturns Roe

We’re very pleased that the Court recognized that abortion on demand was never a part of the Constitution. The Court’s decision is correct and will allow states to pass more pro-life legislation. For too long, pro-abortion groups have gotten away with the sky-is-falling argument that overturning Roe would reverse “abortion rights.” Their tacit approval of and use of language implying that a reversal of Roe would automatically outlaw abortion misrepresents the decision and its impact. The Dobbs ruling returns the abortion issue to the duly elected representatives in state legislatures.

Unfortunately, abortions will continue to be available across the country in many places and there is much work left to be done. North Carolina should not be a destination state for abortion. "All life is sacred and starts at conception, " said Dr. Bill Pincus, president of North Carolina Right to Life. "We will continue to educate and engage the public on the rights of the pre-born babies and support for their mothers."

Polls consistently show that there has never been majority support for the holding of Roe which was abortion on demand throughout all 9 months of pregnancy. In a 2021 Marist Poll, 76% of respondents opposed abortion on demand and would limit abortion to the first three months of pregnancy (25%), only in cases of the life of the mother, rape, or incest (28%), only to save the life of the mother (11%) or felt that they should never be permitted in any circumstance (12%). It is imperative that people work hard, now, to elect pro-life legislators in state legislatures and in Congress to pass pro-life laws. This decision shows the value of electing pro-life Senators who confirm justices who interpret the Constitution based its text and history and not those committed to abortion on demand.


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