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NCRTL Responds to Violence to Pro-Life Movement in NC & Elsewhere

These two acts occurred this week.

Mountain Area Pregnancy Service has received threats and vandalism resulting in multiple property damages on Monday.

A man who had made violent threats against Kavanaugh was carrying a gun, knife and pepper spray when arrested. He was picked up on a nearby street after calling police on 911 to report himself. A criminal complaint obtained by Fox News shows that Roske is being charged with attempting to murder a United States Supreme Court Justice.

“NC Right to Life never espouses or condones violence in any manner," said Dr. Bill Pincus, President of North Carolina Right to Life. “The Lord asks us to ‘love our enemies and pray for those who persecute you’. We stand aganist all forms of violence or illegal activity.”

North Carolina Right to Life will continue the work for peaceful education and engagement for the right to life, despite these acts.


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