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2023 January Event Review- Prayer Breakfast, Rally & March for Life

What began with snow flurries early Saturday morning ended with hundreds of people demonstrating for the right to life and pleading with lawmakers to protect the right to life of others. Saturday morning, the North Carolina Right to Life held its 23rd annual Prayer Breakfast in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Attendees heard remarks from former Congressman, US Representative Mark Walker, a strongly pro-life man who invigorated the breakfast attendees. The keynote address was given by North Carolina’s own Dr. Matthew Harrison, the co-inventor of the abortion pill reversal protocol. He spoke of his journey to medical school with different life events happening in God’s timing which eventually led to the first-ever chemical abortion reversal. Since his first successful abortion pill reversal, The Abortion Pill Rescue Network has helped over 4,000 women and saved their babies through the abortion pill reversal protocol.

After some time in prayer and final remarks from Dr. Bill Pincus, president of NCRTL, the crowd made its way to Halifax Mall in downtown Raleigh. The Youth Rally and 25th annual Rally And March for Life was held on the grass right across from the legislative building.

The youth rally was intended to fire up the younger generation and help inform youth how they can become active members of the pro-life movement. Speakers from Students for Life, a local pregnancy care center, and a Hispanic Youth missionary recounted their experiences and offered advice to the youth. A Christian band provided praise music throughout the event.

Dr. Matthew Harrison gave an abridged version of his presentation from the prayer breakfast. He relayed the story of the 1st woman ever to undergo abortion pill reversal. When she came into the office that eventful day years ago, after examining her and discussing the situation with her, he stepped outside his office to pray. He was inspired and the abortion pill reversal protocol was born. A few months later, Dr. Greg Delgado, in California, independently was inspired with the same idea. They have since collaborated and created a network of over 1000 providers offering help to women who changed their mind after taking mifepristone, the first abortion pill.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson also gave some remarks at the end of the rally. His life story is amazing. The Lt. Gov. gave a very passionate call to action, and made a promise to all North Carolinians to fight for the right to life.

Bishop Luis Zarama of the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh, was also in attendance. He gave his thoughts on “love conquers all” and bestowed his blessing upon the gathering.

An estimated crowd of over a thousand took to the streets and marched! Holding signs, praying and chanting, they showed Raleigh the great importance of the right to life. Without life, nothing else matters! North Carolina Right To Life is looking forward to the year ahead. The first full session of the North Carolina Gen. Assembly since Roe v Wade was overturned begins late January. NCRTL will continue our work in advocating for life and educating the public. One day abortion will be unthinkable in North Carolina, the United States, and around the world!


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