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NCRTL's 50th Anniversary Gala

NCRTL's 50th Anniversary Gala event was a great occasion. We are grateful for all those who made the evening so special. The event was a wonderful tribute to the work of our organization over the past 50 years. 

We share with you some video footage and images from the event. We hope that you enjoy this moment of our Gala.

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Enjoy some of the insights and highlights from Seth Dillon's keynote address. As CEO of the Babylon Bee, Seth has much to share and a wealth of experience dealing with censorship and opposition from mainstream forces.

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Our 50th Anniversary Gala was a great event. Take a moment to view some of the highlights of the evening.

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Learn about the work of NCRTL in this overview of our activities and successes. Listen as Dr. Bill Pincus goes over our mission and see the people who have made NCRTL a great organization!

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Images from our event!

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